You may wonder why I’m putting out yet another blog out there, especially since I haven’t updated my old one ( in a while…

Well, to be honest, I was tired of the name, P2V is a thing of the past (well, in 2007, P2V was all the rage, not much today), I was tired of using wordpress, and I was tired of having a .it domain :-).

Also, my daughter was born last year and I haven’t had much time for non-work activities as I wanted to spend all my free time with her, now that she has turned one, daddy is starting to get some time back to do blogging and other interesting geeky stuff.

If you follow me on Twitter (even if I was not very active in the last year) you probably know already that with my colleague Timo I started working on some tools around Vagrant, Packer, and Puppet, the code that we publish is available on my GitHub page and will soon start to move them under the Go SDDC Org Page, you can find our GitHub badges under the Projects page, also expect to see more content on these tools and on DevOps in the future.

I also revamped my old homelab, got rid of most of my non-x86 stuff, redid all my internal network and more, if you want to check out my current setup, take a look at the Homelab page.

I’m also creating some “fundamentals” guides around some SDDC topics I care about, check out the first one on How SSDs work, another on how to design an NTP infrastructure is in the works.

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