Please welcome vagrant-vcloudair, a new Vagrant provider in our family, this time it’s a dedicated plugin for vCloud Air (formerly known as vCloud Hybrid Service).

But wait a minute… why is it different from the old vagrant-vcloud provider that we all know and love?

Well, for starters, it has a new name ;-) but more importantly, I made significant changes in the plugin to support natively the vCloud Air API Extension, no more fiddling around with endpoints, now you can consume vCloud Air capacities as it was intended.

Vagrant provider for vCloud Air supports the new vmware_ovf format for Vagrant Boxes, which is kind of a big deal as it is now supported through ALL our Vagrant plugins, enabling 100% portability (read more about it here), I raised the compatibility level for the plugin to Vagrant 1.6+, and hardened the code with better error checking and internationalization (PRs for other languages are welcome), I can safely state that this plugin code is production ready.

To install the provider on your machine just issue vagrant plugin install vagrant-vcloudair, detailed documentation on how to use the plugin is available on the project page over at GitHub.

But vCloud Air is not the only one that deserved some love, I have a new release of vagrant-vcenter that features parallel mode and support for vmware_ovf, as well as a new vagrant-vcloud release that enables support to vmware_ovf (box portability is kind of a big deal you know).

Not content, I updated my packer post-processor for VMware OVF to enable output of vmware_ovf boxes, as usual you can find it over at Github, I also updated our Vagrantcloud page with new boxes (including a new CentOS 7) as well as our Packer templates that can be found over at Github.

If you’re using these plugins please find a second to star the project on Github and file an issue if you encounter one.

Happy Vagrant!