I’m back! these weeks I’m traveling through Asia delivering training and I’ve spent the last week in Beijing with very limited access to the internet (the Great Firewall of China is still going strong apparently) so I focused in merging PRs and adding code to our Vagrant plugins, and this resulted in three different releases, here’s what is still hot from the oven:

And we also have a new page up at Vagrant Cloud with all our available boxes (Ubuntu-based for now, CentOS and others are coming), all these boxes are available for both vagrant-vcloud and vagrant-vcenter and you can use them with the latest version of the plugins.

I’m currently working on finishing a new version of our Packer Templates, I’m working on some Windows Packer templates that will be part of the Next Gen VMware automated lab effort I’m leading.

That’s all for now, I will have a long trip back from Tokyo later this week where I plan to add some documentation on the wiki for both providers, and start working on a vmware-ova builder for packer, so stay tuned for more rock'n'roll! :).


I have a penchant for naming software releases with song names, the more niche the software is, the more obscure the reference, but every software is associated with a band, so shouldn’t be too hard to figure them out with some google-fu ;-).

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