VMworld voting session season is open! last year I submitted a session that didn’t get accepted (with no surprise, as it was rushed through the submission deadline), this year I decided to submit three sessions around the work I’ve done with Vagrant and Packer.

I’m also participating in two panels, one formed by people from the Global Center of Excellence where we will discuss how we go from Marketecture to real world SDDC implementations and another with fellow VCDX panelists John Arrasjid, Matt Vandenbeld and Michael Webster where we will give you the “Panelist view” on VCDX, the panel will be moderated by Mark Brunstad, VCDX program manager.

VMworld sessions

You can cast your vote now on the VMworld website, the picture above shows all the session I’m involved with.

The Global Center of Excellence at VMware is a very talented team, lots of super smart folks and probably the highest concentration of VCDXs in the whole company, we are very active and this reflects in the amount of sessions submitted at events like VMworld, if you’re interested in seeing what the team as a whole proposed, or participated in, for 2014, here’s the complete list:

1181Performance Tuning Business Critical Applications on vSphere Using Application-based Tuning with vCops and ESXTOPSudhir Balasubramanian, Don Sullivan
1204Virtualizing and Tuning Application Platforms with High Transactional VolumeEmad Benjamin
1294Virtualizing Mission Critical Applications on All Flash Storage with Pure StorageSudhir Balasubramanian, Mohan Potheri
1296A Blueprint for Disaster Recovery of Business Critical Applications (SAP, Oracle, SQL & Exchange)Mohan Potheri, Kannan Mani
1328Choosing the Appropriate Storage Solutions for Microsoft Tier-1 ApplicationsDeji Akomolafe, Matt Liebowitz, Peter Flecha
1339Successfully Virtualize Microsoft Exchange ServerDeji Akomolafe, Alex Fontana
1340Virtualize Active Directory, the Right Way!Deji Akomolafe, Matt Liebowitz
1377Manage and Monitor Oracle Performance with vCOPs, OEM and Storage AdaptersKannan Mani
1378Manage and Monitor Oracle Databases with vCOPs, OEM and Storage Adapters.Kannan Mani
1427A Blueprint for Disaster Recovery of Business Critical Applications (SAP, Oracle, SQL and Exchange)Kannan Mani, Mohan Potheri
1481ESXi as a Service - A Taste of What is Possible Combining vCloud Automation Center and vCenter OrchestratorÉamon Ryan
1529A Day in the Life of Vagrant: DevOps and VMware, Together at LastFabio Rapposelli, Timo Sugliani
1530Pack your Stuff, Vagrant! A DevOps Approach to Template CreationFabio Rapposelli, Timo Sugliani
1531Open Source DevOps and vCloud Hybrid Service, an ApproachFabio Rapposelli, Massimo Re Ferrè
1552SDDC: Buzzword to Reality. Discussions with SDDC Architects that Goes Well Beyond MarkitectureMatt Vandenbeld, Emad Benjamin, Nate Raper, Marco Caronna, Fabio Rapposelli
1557Hybrid Cloud: Make it Rain!Matt Vandenbeld, Marco Caronna
1562SAP in SDDC: Sizing, Design, and Operational Use Cases and ExamplesVas Mitra, Mohan Potheri
1700Comprehensive and Flash-Optimized Reference Architecture for Creating High Performance and Extremely Efficient Virtualized Oracle Infrastructure on VKannan Mani, Vinay Gaonkar
1701A Flash-Optimized Reference Architecture for Consolidating and Building a High Performance Virtualized Microsoft SQL Server Infrastructure on VMwareScott Salyer, Robin Ren
1753Running Business Critical Applications in the Software Defined DatacenterDaniel Rethmeier, Alexander Thoma
1879Performance Management of Tier One Applications using vCenter Operations ManagerVas Mitra, Ben Todd
1888Integrating and Automating the SDDCChris Knowles, Thomas Kraus
1910Yeah, That Just Happened! Integration and Orchestration MagicChris Knowles, Chris Sexsmith
2065Just Because You Could, Doesn't Mean You Should: Lessons Learned in Storage Best Practices (v3.0)Patrick Carmichael
2075Simplifying the Automated Cloud - VCAC and Tintri Working Together.Patrick Carmichael, Scott Sherman
2389Use Storage Virtualization to Protect Business Critical Functionality with vSphere and Oracle Extended Distance ClustersMarlin McNeil, Sudhir Balasubramanian
2465VMware IT’s Tranformation: An Update on How VMware IT is Moving to IT-as-Service as Told by the People on the FrontlinesPaul Chapman, Venkat Gopalakrishnan, Brian Smith, Anees Iqbal
2631The Way of the VCDX, Testing Architects on IT Infrastructure DesignJohn Arrasjid, Fabio Rapposelli, Matt Vandenbeld, Michael Webster, Mark Brunstad
2664Oracle Virtualization “Author” Expert PanelGeorge Trujillo, Steven Jones, Sudhir Balasubramanian, Charles Kim

That is a pretty impressive if you ask me! :) and don’t forget to cast your vote!.

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