If you’re following my Twitter or GitHub feed you probably know that gosddc.com is now served by GitHub Pages and the Jekyll source is publicly available (so feel free to send me a pull request if you want to see something changed :-).

I used to host the static HTML output on Amazon S3, but the whole pipeline left a lot to be desired, so I started fixing things here and there and ended up with a much more streamlined (and open) way to build this website.

eating my own CI dogfood

I’ve been a very strong advocate of employing CI/CD patterns internally at work, this prompted me to move this very website to an automated testing environment.

To automate the website testing I’m employing the html-proofer gem, tests run from a Rakefile that automates the test launch in a Travis-CI environment, Travis is also extremely well integrated with GitHub and fits perfectly in the Pull Request workflow that we all know and love.

what is left behind

There are a couple of things I had to leave behind due to various reasons, namely:

  • The tchort gem I use to disseminate links on social media (it’s really just a glorified interface to Buffer) is not public, I will probably open source it in the future but right now it’s so primitive and vertical that it would be of very little use to anybody else.

  • The RSS feeds are no longer available, I used to create them with a Jekyll plugin that ran on my machine but it’s not supported by the Jekyll instance used by GitHub Pages so I decided to trade RSS for source openness.

Feel free to poke around in the source, I haven’t done any deep cleanup yet so feel free to contribute with a PR if you feel to :).

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